Damp Treatment

If you discover damp in your property, correctly identifying its type is crucial to avoid expensive errors. Contact Guardian Waterproofing, a renowned firm for damp expertise, for accurate insights on treatment and costs.

Keeping your home damp free

Many rush to get a free survey, but all properties have some damp detectable by moisture meters. It’s vital to identify the damp type initially. A specialist damp survey can determine this, potentially saving time and money.

How Can We Help You

Watertight Guarantees

Guardian offer a 10 year Guarantee for our workmanship. Everything we do is built to endure, but if the worst should happen, we offer a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Design Liability

We are design experts in our industry, following British Standards for waterproofing BS102-2022, which means we can take on the liability of our design work.

Cost Savings

Maintaining a watertight property can significantly enhance its market value and appeal to potential buyers or tenants.


Guardian have been offering their expertise to clients for over 45 years and have experience with clients across the South West and UK.

Specialist Surveys

Expert advice providing 100% accurate and impartial advice, a full and honest appraisal of your property and a diagnosis for what is causing the problem.

Peace of Mind

Our award-winning advice and service, means you and your property are in safe hands. We are committed to doing the job right every time.

Residential Projects

Why People Love Us

Not sure which solution is best for you?

Uncertain about the right waterproofing solution? At Guardian Waterproofing, our experts guide you to the best choice tailored for your property, ensuring optimal protection.