Remembering the Floods of 2007

Throughout June and July we will be featuring the great floods of 2007. We will have articles and also a timeline of events to show the devastation that the floods brought, not just in Gloucestershire but beyond. Read our daily timeline showing events in realtime from June 10th through to the end of July 2007.

We take a look back to 2007 and the floods that made such a significant impact on the UK.

Please see the timeline of events that we are updating daily through June and July

June 10th 2007

This was the beginning of what was to be 2 months of rain related incident throughout the UK

June 12th 2007

Thunderstorms and heavy rain cause flooding in Northern Ireland

June 15th 2007

Low Presure system hits Northern England causing flooding

June 16th 2007

The same Low Pressure system hits Scotland

June 25th 2007

Another Low Pressure system hits the UK and sits over Eastern and Northern England, on its way flodding caused throughout the Midlands and Sout East. Eastern and Northern England sees rainfall of over 4 inches fall in a 24 hour period.

1st – 9th July 2007

The pressure systems had passed, but much of the UK was waterlogged and then began a period of drying out, but temperatures and sunshine were lacking.

10th July

Another weather system was beginning to form in the Mid Atlantic heading towards the UK

17th July

The weather system that had been forming began to come towards the UK, with the outside edge hitting the tip of Southern Ireland

19th July

The rains hit Gloucestershire late in the day and the rain continued for what seemed forever. From the 19th July in a 48 hour period the Fire and Rescue Service in Gloucestershire recieved nealry 2,000 calls, the annual average is 8,000 for a whole 12 months!!!

20th July the day Gloucestershire Flooded!!

As the rains continued to fall at the streams and rivers just could not cope with both grey water in the towns and the saturated outlying fileds could not cope with the volume. Roads began to flood and traffic chaos occured with people trying to drive through flooded roads and becoming stranded.

21st July

The Severn and the Avon burst thier banks leading to many hundreds of homes flooded.

22nd – 24th July

Water levels continued to rise as water made its way down the Severn and Avon leaving Mythe Water Treatment Works flooded and Gloucester Power Station close to flooding


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